The Bedlington Terrier 2162

The Bedlington Terrier is often a small to medium sized dog that weighs between 18-23 pounds. Their height usually ranges between 15" to 17". This breed resembles somewhat lamb, but don't let their gentle appearance fool you. They are all terrier with energy along with a mischievous side that likes to chase modest animals.

The AKC acknowledged coat colors for the Bedlington Terrier are sandy, blue, liver, sandy and tan, blue and tan, liver and tan. The coat is really a mixture of soft and tough hair that tends to be curly but not wiry. This breed calls for regular groom and also demands trimming about each 6 weeks. Most Bedlington Terrier owners discover to clip their own dogs.

This intelligent, loving and gentle breed makes a superb family members pet. They're good with youngsters. Even so, since they have such a high power level they're recommended for houses with older, properly behaved youngsters. With early socialization, they could be very good with other dogs and pets. They were bred to hunt vermin and little animals, so they might still chase cats as well as other non-canine pets. A well secured yard and a leash are a ought to as they are extremely quick dogs and are challenging to catch if they run from you or are chasing an animal. They want lots of play and physical exercise, but are somewhat active indoors, so a little yard or typical walks will suffice. They are effortless to train. They adore to be about their family and don't like to be left alone for long periods of time. Although they're a smaller breed, they will protect their loved ones or fend for themselves against big animals if require be. They often be wary of strangers, but will ultimately warm as much as them.

Originating in England, the Bedlington Terrier was originally known as the Rothbury, Rodbury or Northumberland fox terrier. The first Bedlington Terrier was born in 1825 when a Rothbury dog was bred with a female Bedlington. The Bedlington terrier was originally bred to hunt tiny vermin including rabbits and badgers. They are primarily utilized as companion dogs right now.

A breed with such a playful, loving, energetic nature is ideal for families that can give them adequate physical exercise and companionship. A great watchdog along with a friendly household pet all rolled into one make the Bedlington Terrier fit into numerous family dynamics.

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